Kids Volleyball Academy

Always wanted to see your kids playing volleyball? Learn the skills and be part of a team? Try our sessions at Collegiate American School in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

Would you like your child to grow strong, fit and healthy? Not only physically but emotionally and socially? Would you like your child to build life important skills like leadership, team-work, effective communication and goal achievement? There is no better way to develop all these skills as to play one of the most popular team sports in the world – Volleyball.

Not only is playing volleyball a great way to get into shape and stay active, it’s a great way to make friends and develop the social skills that will serve young athletes well in every day life. Volleyball is a team sport, which means that young athletes will learn how to work well with others to reach a common goal. This is a valuable opportunity to interact with peers on a social level, which will also help them feel happier and more valued overall.

Why not sign up with our volleyball academy that will teach your child all these valuable lessons? At VolleyBOLD we embrace all our young athletes so that they not only learn how to play the sport effectively, but learn key skills needed in daily life.

Classes for young athlets start in October 2018 in Mirdiff and in Jumeirah.

For all questions please contact our staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0508808305.

Kids Volleyball Academy / Raffles World Academy

Regular event, on Sundays at 17.30-18.30 for 7-18 years old, on Thursdays at 14.50-15.50 for 6-12 years old Raffles World Academy, Dubai

Kids Volleyball Academy / Collegiate American School, Jumeirah

Regular event, on Tuesdays, 14.40-15.40, 6-10 and 11-17 years old Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Kids Volleyball Academy / Nord Anglia School, Dubai

Regular event, on Tuesdays at 17.00-18.00 for 8-18 years old Nord Anglia School, Dubai

Kids Volleyball Academy / Raha International School, Abu Dhabi

Regular event, on Wednesdays at 14.50-15.50 for 6-12 years old and at 17.30-18.30 for 13-19 years old Raha International School, Abu Dhabi

Kids Volleyball Academy / Beach Volleyball Training

Regular event, on Saturdays, 09.00-10.00 Kite beach, Dubai, UAE