2nd PRO+AM Tournament, Dubai, UAE

Another Professional + Amateur Beach Volleyball Tournament in Dubai, UAE and great fun again. This time it is ladies and this time PRO players team up with AM players to compete against each other.

Its beginning of summer, heat is up to 40° and humidity at 60%. One would have thought the local Dubai based amateur payers are used to these conditions. It is correct to a degree but the conditions on the day were tough for them as well. And if somewhere in London the beach volleyball lovers don’t give up and play the tournaments in cold and heavy rain – that heavy that you cannot see the ball because of so much rain water in the eyes and nothing can help (no rainglasses invented) – the heat and humidity are no obstacles for beach volleyball enthusiasts in UAE either. Regardless how hard it was, everybody competed to the end, survived to the sunset and enjoyed the last games at the sunset. Even the PRO girls coming from Europe and not used to these conditions managed to the end, got the long-waited suntan and enjoyed the fun atmosphere on the beach.

What can be more fun than coming to a tournament as a single player, taking part in a draw and picking a PRO partner out of a hat ☺

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It’s one of the best experiences for an amateur player to team up with a PRO player and play the game. Great learning and lots of tips to take away not to mentioned better performance and great satisfaction from the game when your partner can do everything at a top level ☺

With many thanks to Marija Slavulj, Milica Radovic, Ana and Nikolina Bajic who are playing in European clubs for taking part in our Ramadan tournaments and sharing the experience with UAE based volleyball community.

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